Pharmaceutical Teaching, Research and Development Lab 


Dr Eliangiringa Kaale (BPharm; Msc Pharm, PhD)



Head of the Pharm R&D Lab






An adequate qualification of the Pharm R&D Lab results from his professional curriculum. Dr. Kaale studied pharmacy at the School of Pharmacy of MUHAS in Dar es Salaam, obtained his Masters pharmaceutical quality control and Quality Assurance, took his Ph.D. with a thesis on Development and validation of method for analysis of Aminoglycoside antibiotics using capillary electrophoresis at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He is a Senior lecturer teaching pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance at the School of Pharmacy of MUHAS since 2001. His research work is in the development and validation of analytical methods, interlaboratory cross validation studies and now interest in the development of solid dosage formulation with focus HIV/AIDS. He is responsibly involved in the preparation of a new curriculum for a master degree of pharmaceutical quality assurance which is provided for its establishment at the school of pharmacy of MUHAS.