Formulation Development


Project 1: Development of a Paediatric Lamivudine, Abacavir and Nevirapine FDC suspension 


This is an executive summary on the assignment that a team of Pharm R&D Lab consultants has undertaken for Medicus Mundi: formulation of a triple combination antiretroviral liquid dosage form for paediatric patients to be used in Burkina Faso. Coming after the draft final report, this report presents comprehensive findings on the analytical method development and validation, formulation and stability testing for three strengths. Unlike the the previous report this has incorporated some of the comments and observation by the client.The stability of three formulations provided for individual dosing of FDC-LAN in the antiretroviral treatment of children covering the body weight range of 3 – 24 kg was tested under in-use conditions for a total storage of 6 weeks at 30 °C/75 % RH.

 Appearance, odour and the resuspensiblity did not change. No significant change of the content of the active ingredients was observed within the total test period.

 A stability of the formulations under in-use conditions in tropical climatic zones for 6 weeks may be accepted.

Generally it can be concluded that with respect to the results above the formulation is stable and can be used within the stability studied time, however the following should be taken into consideration during application:

Project 2: LTE


Project 3 EFV 


Project 4 LT


Project 5 OMPR